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A Day in Danistan

I have this great friend who does amazing catering from his home kitchen in Upstate South Carolina. He's a bit on the eccentric side, but somehow amazes folks with the high quality of food he prepares, but even more by the colorful stories that go along... some true, most not, but all embellished.

His grand daughters call him Oz. He markets himself as Dan the Pigman. The government knows him as Dan Huntley and everyone calls his kitchen, Danistan.

No doubt I wanted to make a photographic portrait of my chaotic friend and I have done so often over the years. But, I wanted him alone, inside Danistan and wanted to show the craziness he brings to every job. And that his food is amazing. Corporate Portraits

I have never been disappointed in anything that he has prepared. Surprised and maybe a bit weary of putting some of it in my mouth...

Check out Dan the Pigman here:

so-this is the portrait I came up with in Danistan.