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Corporate Business Headshots in Charlotte, NC

Impressing your potential clients or customers is crucial to the success of your business. One of the many ways to show your professionalism and attract business is through high-quality corporate business headshots. Often, your first "face to face" meeting is on the web and that means you need a powerful headshot image.

Portray the Right Image

People can see your picture with a single click these days. It’s that initial impression, often the only look they have, and your corporate business headshot should stand out and illuminate the business professional you are-confident, experienced and genuine. That first impression is the one that sticks. That’s why the quality of your business headshot can have lasting effects on your career — and your team’s success.

People can easily detect how genuine you are by your expression and pose. That’s why you must look for a business headshot and portrait photographer who will provide you with detailed direction. An ideal executive photo, after all, aims to make people feel comfortable and familiar with you-often through just your corporate business headshot.

Bob Leverone Photography, based in Charlotte, NC-with a studio in Mount Holly, NC offers award-winning, professional and corporate business headshot services to individuals in any industry. Bob’s goal is to capture your essence in a flash and send your staff, colleagues, or customers a look into your professional eyes.

In many industries, a professional business headshot can go the distance to introduce you to potential clients before you meet, or even offer a sense of reassurance to clients who only correspond with you via email.

Show your personality, business style, and professionalism in a stunning portrait or corporate business headshot which can be used for emails, business cards, company websites, billboards, bench ads, newsprint, and much more!

Take Headshots That Fit Your Needs

Every business or individual has different needs for their photographs. I create headshots for individuals, executives, or groups of employees. And I can take the photographs at your business or arrange an appointment at our studio in the Charlotte, NC area.

When you take your headshots with Bob Leverone Photography, you can be sure that your headshots will be taken in a way that reflects the business style you need.


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